The Wood Flooring Company ca provide, luxurious, prestigious, quiet under foot, engineered and solid wood flooring. The perfect option for your choice for your interior.

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Infuse your home with the warmth and elegance only a high quality, beautiful wood floor can bring. Quick-Step engineered wood floors are built with three layers of solid wood, and protected with a durable finish. By carefully selecting only premium raw materials and using high precision techniques and perfect moisture control during the manufacturing stage, these floors provide excellent stability and durability

It may seem daunting at first to find the perfect floor amongst the multitude of premium quality and simply stunning products Ted Todd Engineered offers. But just as your home is unique, the floor you choose needs to suit your requirements, your tastes and to last a very long time. With Ted Todd wood flooring you can be assured that you’ll make the right decision and find your ideal flooring product.

Kersaint Cobb have a great reputation as manufacturers and suppliers of high quality, long lasting flooring. The company manufacture wood flooring for many domestic uses, even bathrooms. The use a variety of styles in their ranges including Oak and Walnut giving something to suit everyone.